Miami, Caribbean | 31st October - 8th November 2020 

Far more than another cruise, far more than another mastermind

(Reserve your place today for just £1000)


 HIGHLY LIMITED: 17 spaces already filled! [13 REMAINING]


What I'm about to share with you sounds completely counterinuitive.

Some might think it sounds outright crazy!

But, I'm going to ask you to put logic to the side for a moment and focus on how you learn and grow as a human being, plus what inspires the absolute heck out of you!

Then, to imagine x 7 days with an incredible group of likeminded business owners and professionals all with one thing in common.

To take their sales (and business) to the next level and have a lot of fun doing along the way!

What started as a 'little bit' of a crazy idea, has transformed into something out of this world! (almost literally.) 

From October 31st to November 8th, I'm personally going to help you find a level of sales abilty and focus you never thought possible before. 

More so than this, I'm bringing in the very best sales experts I've ever met and... 

...We're going to do the whole thing while crusing the Caribbean and soaking in the sunrise on Miami Beach.

Welcome to The Ultimate Sales Cruise, 2020! 


Ultimate Sales Cruise dates: 31st October 2020 - 8th November 2020

Duration: 7 days

Price: SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Valid until 31st FEBRUARY 2020 

* Secure the prices above with a £1000 deposit

We've included everything from flights, transfers, hotel in Miami, cruise to all of your Ultimate Sales Cruise activities and training.

We are now accepting applications for the Ultimate Sales Cruise 2020.  

The process:

- Enquire through this website - Consultation call with Pete  


What is the Ultimate Sales Cruise?

The Ultimate Sales Cruise is a seven day sales transformation experience like no other.

Traditionally, sales is taught in the classroom and the last place you'd ever consider learning sales would be on a cruise.

Yet, instead of following the norm, we've chosen to do the complete opposite and created The Ultimate Sales Cruise.

Every detail we have planned for you throughout the seven days has been created to inspire, educate and empower you to take your sales to a level you never dreamt possible before.

It's time to set your sales on fire.

Why should I attend? 

Let's ask a different question, what will happen if you don't attend? 

You see, most people are so busy running their business day to day, they don't stop and realise, their business is actually running and owning them! 

The Ultimate Sales Cruise is to focus on the sales element within your business, however...

It's also a chance for you to disconnect from everything (including the anchors holding you back,) and dive deeper to your ultimate potential not only with your sales and business, but with you as a human being overall.


If you're wondering if this learning experience is worth the investment - Absolutely YES!

Who is it for?

The Ultimate Sales Cruise is for likeminded business owners and professionals who are ready to take their sales and business to the next level.

There's no limit in terms of what industry you're from, how long you've been in the game or what 'success' you've already achieved.

All that matters is your mentality, attitude and desire to learn and grow.

Throughout the week, you'll have the chance to meet, network and build with a diverse group of people from all walks of life. 

A few things to get you excited

Cozumel Jeep Adventure

There's no better way to see and experience Cozumel than the freedom of an open air jeep. 

We're taking as many jeeps as we need for the group and driving in convey to the hottest spots, the best views and having a damn good time doing it.

There'll be plenty of time to stop off, enjoy the sites and grab a Pina Colada (if you're not driving of course.)

Sunrise Southbeach Yoga

We're starting this trip as we mean to go on. From day one when you open your eyes in Miami, you can stroll the 2 minutes from your room to our sunrise yoga session.

If you haven't yet taken in the fresh sea air of Miami with the sunrise in the background, this is going to be something you'll remember forever.

Plenty of free time

You are the most important person on this trip, it's your chance to be selfish (in a good way) and recharge your batteries. 

Me time can be strolling the boulevard in Miami Beach, taking in the whole experince of Key West or simply exploring the ship on your own little adventure.

There is literally so many things you can do, the biggest challenge will be deciding what not to do.

Top sales training from the very best

We've really pushed the boat out on this one and brought in the best of the best sales experts money can buy.

Your x 3 trainers for the week, are the real deal and have decades of experience in the trenches of sales doing the work.

More importantly than this, they all understand the face to face side of sales, right up to making strategic sales decisions. 

You're in for the treat of your life with this training! 

Your Ultimate Sales Cruise Trainers


Founder of Ultimate Sales Academy and your lead sales trainer for The Ultimate Sales Cruise. Pete is regarded as one of the go to sales experts for helping transform sales confidence and results. 

Over the last decade, Pete has helped over 400 companies exponentially transform their sales and inspired many more entreprenuers to take on the challenge of being great at sales.

Pete has an uncanny ability to help professionals remove the fear of selling and build unstoppable confidence.

Yes, Sloth is included.


As Vice President of Operations for a billion dollar company, our first secret guest knows a thing or two about selling.

Starting as a 21 year old junior team member, he not only built up to one of the top salespeople in company history, but was asked to train over 2000 team members in sales before being promoted to the board.

From 2018, he has been overseeing the overall sales strategy and vision of the company. 

Your time with this secret guest will give you an incredible insight to the sales strategies of one of the world's leading brands.

Secret Guest 2

Imagine possessing the ability to stand on stage and make individual sales to the value of £30,000, £100,000 to over a million! 

Our third secret guest has not only achieved this, he excelled to the highest level and now consults for the very same company teaching art auctioneers how to generate hundreds of thousands, to millions in revenues.

The deep psychology and skill required for this type of selling goes far beyond what most would ever consider possible.

Now, for the Ultimate Sales Cruise, our secret guest will be there to help you, become the master of sales within your industry. 

What you'll learn

  • The deep psychology behind why people buy 
  • How different industries and billion dollar companies subconsciously teach their customers to buy and how you can ETHICALLY use this within your business
  • Become the market leader within your industry by utilising sales strategies from outside of your industry 
  • The sales mentality and confidence on a completely different level to what you ever thought possible
  • Why doing the complete opposite to your competitors is likely the exact thing you need to do 
  • Transform your sales beyond comprehension 
  • Generate leads on demand both offline and online (without spending a penny on marketing.)
  • Master your sales down to an exact science, giving you highly predictable and consistent results
  • The power of B2B sales and how you can take your services to help corporations
  • Lay down deep sales and business foundations for long lasting success

What's included?

Included in the Ultimate Sales Cruise:  

  • Flights to and from Miami 
  • Airports and ship transfers
  • Top sales training from real life experts
  • Ultimate Sales Cruise workbook
  • Ultimate Sales Cruise activities 
  • Gourmet meals onboard including 24 hour room service
  • Deluxe stateroom or suite accommodations
  • Access to discos, piano bars, lounges
  • Use of fitness facilities, some enrichment programs
  • The Punchliner comedy club
  • Most onboard activities Dance Classes, Cooking Demonstration
  • Coffee, tea and non-bottled water
  • All port taxes and fees

The Itinerary

Day Port Arrive Dep 1 Flight departs 1-2 Miami Beach Hotel Stay - 2 Nights 3 Miami 4 Key West 5 Cozumel 6 At Sea 7 Miami 7-8 Flight departs

**Places are highly limited 



We’ve put as much into the The Ultimate Sales Cruise investment as possible.  

Once paid, you can rest assure that everything from:  

  • Flights 
  • Miami Hotel
  • Cruise
  • Transfers 
  • Ultimate Sales TraininG
  • Ultimate Sales Activities 
  • Full board on the cruise  

 Are all included.  

Should you decide to enjoy any activities outside of The Ultimate Sales Cruise, these will be at your own cost. 


Full payment is due by the 31st July.  

Is there a payment plan option?  

There certaintly is, please speak to one of the team by contacting and we can discuss your payment plan options.  


The deposit is non transferable and non refundable.  

- What about travel insurance?  

You are 100% responsible for organising insurance for the entire duration of the trip.  

Please note, Pete Scott, his team and The Ultimate Sales Cruise plus any partner companies take zero liability in your travel insurance and any other insurances required.  


If you are a British Citizen, you will require an ESTA Visa before travelling. 

IMPORTANT: You will be denied entry to the United States if you have not have your ESTA.  

If you are not a British citizen and require a different Visa, please ensure you arrange this well in advance of the Ultimate Sales Cruise.

- CAN I FLY FROM MY OWN CITY? The price quoted, is for travel from London Heathrow to Miami, returning back to Heathrow. Flights from different airports and countries can be arranged and we will do everything to keep costs to a minimum.  

However, any additional costs will be quoted at your time of booking.  


Alcohol is at your own cost during the Ultimate Sales Cruise.  

What food/drink is included?  

The cruise is full board and there’s more food than you can eat in 100 lifetimes. However, should you want to eat in one of the signature restaurants e.g. Steak House, this will be at your own cost.


Yes you can! In fact, we already have a number of guests who are travelling with a partner, business partner or a friend.  

- What if anything happens to me during the trip e.g. I get injured or sick  

The Ultimate Sales Cruise team will always do their upmost to ensure your safety and wellness is top priority.  

Also, please note the ship has some of the best medical facilities available in case of any emergency.  

Please refer to the travel insurance section and note that travel and any other insurances are 100% the travellers responsibility.